Christa has been the Vice President and Designated Broker for T.W. Lewis for the past 6 years. She is the lead real estate expert there and has sole responsibility for listing, leasing, and selling properties owned, built, and developed by T.W. Lewis.

Christa now runs her own brokerage. She is expanding and has limited availability to assist others with selling, buying and leasing their properties.

Her resume over the past few years demonstrates her capabilities. Over $40 million in real estate sales, days on the market right at 60, and her experience range of value propositions goes from $300K to over $1M!

An experienced entrepreneur, she uses innovation, common sense, and focused energy to achieve success in the real estate industry and in the associated services sector. Her recent experiences and accomplishments are fresh, relevant, and will be effective in marketing and developing a winning value proposition for your home!

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